July 15, 2008

Demonstrators 2

Demonstrators 2; click for previous post
Demonstrators 2; click for previous post
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Where: Outside the San Diego Convention Center

When: Yesterday (July 14, 2008)

The occasion: Republican presidential candidate John McCain's speech to the National Council of La Raza, a Latino group meeting at the convention center.

Top: Raymond Herrera of the Minuteman Project.

Second from top: San Diego police Sgt. Carlos Chacon directs a couple of anti-Minutemen protesters away from the Minutemen. Earlier, Chacon caught my eye and said hello. "How's it going?" I asked. "Beautiful day," he said with a big smile. "If this gets any better, I'm gonna worry that somebody's setting me up." It got louder, but not necessarily worse, and Chacon and the other police were part of the reason for that.

Right: The group Iraq Veterans Against the War demonstrated across the street from the convention center.

Quote of the day: A guy explained the situation to his friend this way, gesturing first at the Minutemen and then at the vets group: "These people don't like McCain because he's too far to the left. These people don't like him because he's too far to the right."

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