July 11, 2008

Any way you want it

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Where: Bread & Cie Cafe (home of the city's best cinnamon rolls and chocolate croissants, a place that makes sure its customers always have choices), Hillcrest, San Diego

When: June 14, 2008

Too big? There's a smaller version at Flickr.

I *don't* want it: Three of my favorite bands from the '70s - Journey (creator of the overrated song in the title of this post), Heart and Cheap Trick - are touring together, and they'll be here on Tuesday. I won't be attending, and not just because I have to work.

It could be worse. This tour is playing amphitheaters. A lot of the bands I would have walked through fire to see* when I was in high school (these guys, Styx, Kansas, et. al.) can now be found playing together at state fairs across this great land of ours.

And of course, most of them are shadows of their former selves. Journey without Steve Perry or Greg Rolie? Kansas without Robbie Steinhardt? Come on. At least both of the Wilson sister are still fronting Heart, which would be fun to see. Still, tickets for any major concert these days cost way more than I'm willing to pay, so no thanks.

* Luckily, that kind of effort was not required. A phone call or a trip to the box office always did the trick.

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