July 10, 2008


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What: My glass of Green Flash West Coast IPA

Where: Ritual Tavern, North Park, San Diego

When: June 13, 2008

Too big? There's a smaller version at Flickr.

Don't judge it by its cover: Ritual's name, spooky typography, and red-and-black color scheme make the place look from the outside like a biker bar whose specialty is Klingon blood wine that comes with a free tattoo.

But go inside, and you'll see it's a pleasant, friendly restaurant, the kind of place that buys a lot of its food from suppliers less than an hour away and will whip you up a vegan, gluten-free shepherd's pie if for some reason that's what you want to eat. I had some delicious gumbo.

Also, it has a beer menu that is longer than the food menu and is, frankly, more adventurous than I am. We have a beer-loving friend in Portland, and when he and his wife come to visit, the Ritual is the first place we'll take them for dinner.

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