May 1, 2007


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Where: Along Highway 111, on the eastern shore of the Salton Sea in Southern California

When: March 22, 2007

About Lee: I shot this photo right before he yelled something at me that I couldn't understand because of the wind and the trucks that had just passed. I didn't think anything of it, but when I bumped into him again later, he apologized for getting angry with me.

He didn't tell me what he'd yelled, but evidently it wasn't "How ya doin'?" He said he'd had bad experiences with camera-wielding gang members (I didn't get all the details), and my taking his picture brought back unpleasant memories.

Lee told me he'd ridden his bike through 46 states and had found gang problems everywhere. His response to the hassles? "If I can't be a clean and sober Christian, piss on 'em," he said. Then he laughed.

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