September 22, 2011

Crossing Fifth

Crossing Fifth; click for previous post
Crossing Fifth; click for previous post
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Where: Fifth Street west of Figueroa, downtown Los Angeles

When: August 2011

Street photography? Maybe these are, maybe they aren't. It depends how you define the genre, I think. They're nothing like the photos of Bruce Gilden, Martin Parr or even Eric Kim. Those guys are about getting in close with a wide-angle lens and maybe even hitting the subject with a flash. That's not me.

If anything, these are poor imitations of what Henri Cartier-Bresson used to do - geometrically spaced subjects in an interesting setting. I wrote about the differences between Cartier-Bresson and the work of guys like Parr a couple of years ago. (The links in that post don't work anymore.)

At the time, I said I preferred Cartier-Bresson to the others. Looks like I still do.

Larger versions

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