June 6, 2011

River and tree

River and tree; click for previous post
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Where: Footbridge over the San Diego River, Mission Valley, San Diego

When: May 2011

I work in the evening, and by the time my dinner break rolls around, my dinner is just a tasty memory. So I use my break for other things, like walking and shooting photos.

As it turns out, the area around my work is pretty interesting. Don't get me wrong: Mission Valley earns its reputation for malls, condos and horrendous weekend traffic. Still, it does have sights.

Some of those sights are good mostly for comedy or irony, like the shadowy hiding place of some not-so-wild wildlife, or a sad little picnic area across the street from Fashion Valley, the upscalest mall in town.

But there's actual nature in Mission Valley, too. The footbridge where I shot this photo is a five-minute walk from the front door of the office. A lot of the people I see crossing it are just going from the hotel on one side of the river to the mall or the trolley stop on the other. They don't take the time to look over the side.

They're missing out.

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