July 27, 2009

At the hospital

At the hospital; click for previous post
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Where: University of Washington Medical Center, Seattle

When: July 2, 2009

Better to see them all: This is part of "The hospital," a series of photos I shot at the UW hospital. As I sat in a hospital waiting room, I noticed hospital workers, patients and visitors passing by in the corridor. Because of the frosted glass, their faces and lower bodies were blocked. They were anonymous, yet each remained distinctive.

I started shooting photos where I sat. There's a lot of digital noise, because the lighting was so dim that I had to boost my camera's ISO to its highest setting. I think that adds to the mood.

"The hospital" was inspired by "Borrowed Time," a series of 200 photos that Jake Seniuk shot of Seattle commuters. The photos took up most of a wall at the hospital. Their identical size and grid layout contrasted wonderfully with the uniqueness of the people in the photos, so I tried for something similar.

Visit "The hospital."

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