April 10, 2008

Red and white trailer

Red and white trailer; click for previous post
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Where: North Park, San Diego

When: April 8, 2008

I, on the other hand, like it: Flickr started letting its members upload video yesterday, and boy, are a lot of people upset. As most people fear change, the response was predictable.

I sympathize with some of the no-on-video crowd's concerns - you should be able to filter out video as you can with screenshots and illustrations, and videos don't belong in some groups. But people are getting way too het up over this.

As I said in a Flickr discussion thread, if 100 million crummy snapshots haven't destroyed the site, video won't either. Don't want to see videos on Flickr? Don't watch videos on Flickr.

And by all means, stay away from "A half minute at the dog park," my first video effort. I posted it to Flickr yesterday, and a smaller version is embedded to the right for your viewing pleasure. Or scorn. Whichever.

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