April 29, 2008

Mmm, funnel cake

Mmm, funnel cake; click for previous post
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Where: Outside Dani's tent at ArtWalk, Little Italy, San Diego

When: April 26, 2008

Too big? There's a smaller version at Flickr.

Great weekend: Dani was among several hundred artists who showed their works at ArtWalk. My fears of a ton of work in the hot sun came true, but still, it was a fantastic time.

We spent a lot of time sitting outside Dani's tent among the crowd, and the experience reminded me of what someone said about (I think) Speakers' Corner in London: If you stay there long enough, every person in the world will pass by you.

Dogs, kids, hipsters, old folks, skateboarders, art connoisseurs - we saw them all. And enough of them were buying to make the weekend a great success for Dani.

More ArtWalk photos in my Flickr set.

For a look inside Dani's tent, see this photo.

By the way, ick: Funnel cake disgusts me, and I don't know how anybody could eat it on such a warm day, but obviously some people roll differently than I do.

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