February 4, 2008

2 hour parking

2 hour parking; click for previous post
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Where: Hillcrest, San Diego

When: Jan. 28, 2008

Warm it up: A couple of weeks ago, Dani and I went to an exhibit of paintings by a San Diego artist named John Daniel Abel. He happened to be there, setting up for a talk he was giving the next day.

Dani asked him how he took these everyday scenes - just a city street and an old pickup, for example - and gave them such beauty and interest. "Warm colors," he said. We all laughed, because he was clearly oversimplifying, and he then went into a bit more detail about his technique.

It was really interesting, but what struck me as a photographer was his first two words. Warm colors. So I gave it a try with this photo. What do you think?

Too big? There's a smaller version at Flickr.

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