December 9, 2007

The amazing line

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Where: Liberty Station, Point Loma, San Diego

When: Yesterday (Dec. 8, 2007)

Too big? There's a smaller version at Flickr.

Cutting our losses: We went to Liberty Station on Saturday to audition for "The Amazing Race." At least 1,500 other people had the same idea (Dani's estimate was 2,000), and most of them beat us to the punch. They started lining up at 10:30 a.m. Friday. We're just not that dedicated.

Dani talked to one of the organizers and discovered that they were going to audition only the first 500 teams. We were well back of the cutoff point, so after about an hour in line, we bugged out.

We'd filled out our 13-page applications the day before, and let me just say that reality-TV people know how to pry. "What is the biggest disappointment you have experienced from your teammate?" "What is your biggest pet peeve about your partner?" "What communication issues do you have with your partner that you would want to address while on the Race?" Etc.

Funny, they didn't want to know what we thought were each other's best qualities, or the most pleasant surprise we'd gotten from each other.

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