September 1, 2007

After the haircut

after the haircut; click for previous post
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Where: Grape Street dog park, San Diego

When: Today (Sept. 1, 2007)

This is the "after" shot. Cezanne got her first haircut yesterday, and she looks like a different girl. For one thing, she has eyes again. A couple of times, I've caught myself thinking that she really is a different dog, as in, "Why is she pulling on the leash? Our old dog did that, but surely this one wouldn't." Weird.

I think it might take her a little while to get used to her new look, too. Last night, she saw an unfamiliar dog and started growling. Nothing unusual about that; she's pretty protective. After a few seconds of that, she walked over for a closer look at the newcomer - who was in the full-length mirror in our bedroom.

Check out yesterday's post to see what she used to look like.

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