May 28, 2007


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Where: Petco Park, San Diego

When: May 25, 2007, near the end of the Padres' 8-6 win over the Milwaukee Brewers

Notes: The guy on the left was a Brewers fan; the one on the right was rooting for the home team. They sat across the aisle from each other and talked throughout the game.

There was some good-natured razzing, but it never got nasty, and mostly they talked about the teams and their players, strengths and weaknesses, that sort of thing. They may actually have learned something from each other before the night was through.

At the end of the game, the Padres fan shook the Brewers fan's hand and said, "I hope we meet you in the playoffs." Classy. It is not always thus at the ballpark, even genteel Petco, as I'll explain tomorrow.

The Brewers fan was there with a friend of his, and in the seventh inning, one of them said the funniest thing I heard all night.

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