May 24, 2007

Cotton candy kids

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Where: Petco Park, San Diego

When: Last night (May 23, 2007)

Enjoy it, guys, just don't get it near me: I realize that cotton candy is just spun sugar, but something about it - maybe the colors not found in nature - kinda grosses me out. I don't even want to touch it, much less eat it.

Notes on the game: The Padres beat the Cubs, 2-1. I was rooting for the Cubs, as I've done for 40 years, although I mostly kept it quiet. Seemed wise, since I'll be sitting in the same place and presumably with the same people several other times this season.

I wore neither my Cubs cap nor my Padres cap, although it occurred to me too late that I should have worn the Cubs cap with my Padres T-shirt.

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