February 24, 2007

Horseless carriage trouble

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Where: Florida Drive and Morley Field Drive, San Diego

When: The day before yesterday (Feb. 22, 2007)

Notes: The Horseless Carriage Club of America had its national convention in San Diego this week. One of the members ran into a bit of trouble, possibly while trying to negotiate the short but steep hill that is Morley Field Drive just west of Florida. Another of these ancient vehicles was sitting about 100 yards up the hill, and I think the guy in the club jacket is its driver, stopping to lend a crank.

At first, I thought the guy on the left was a helpful citizen, running over from his hatchback and the 21st century to help out and uphold San Diego's reputation as America's Finest City. But while it's a little chilly here these days, there's no need to wear gloves while driving in San Diego, so I think he just happened to be jogging past.

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