January 5, 2007

El Nino de las Pinturas 4

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Where: Granada, Spain

When: Oct. 3, 2006

Camera: Canon PowerShot A620

Notes: The paintings started about a block down the street from our hotel. They covered retaining walls and entire sides of buildings. Some Googling after we got home suggested to me that the artist is this guy. His Web site is in Spanish, and if includes his name, I can't find it. He calls some of his work graffiti, but what we saw had about as much in common with graffiti as an In-N-Out double cheeseburger animal style has in common with a Big Mac. In other words, there's no comparison.

See more at JPG magazine: I've submitted several Spain photos to JPG magazine.


Taking up the pen: I took part in DrawMo, a community blog whose members agreed to make one drawing a day in November and post it if they wish. My drawings are here. The group's Flickr page is here.

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