December 27, 2006

Madinat al-Zahara (1 of 7 today)

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Where: On the shore of the Rio Guadalquivir, a few miles outside Córdoba, Spain

When: Sept. 29, 2006

Camera: Canon PowerShot A620

Notes: Our tour guide described Madinat al-Zahara as "the Moorish Versailles." The city was constructed in the 10th century as part of the caliphate of al-Andalus in southern Spain. It was destroyed by the Berbers in the 11th century and is being rebuilt. Only about 10 percent of the site has been excavated, and already the project is huge.

The photo shows a sort of archaeological jigsaw puzzle. The original pieces of molded stone have been recovered and are being attached to the new wall.

Too big? There's a smaller version here.

See more at JPG magazine: I've submitted several Spain photos to JPG magazine.


Taking up the pen: I took part in DrawMo, a community blog whose members agreed to make one drawing a day in November and post it if they wish. My drawings are here. The group's Flickr page is here.

It's not really ugly anymore, but ... Dani and I have done a lot of work on our new house in San Diego. It looks pretty good now, but when we bought it, the place wasn't all that attractive, which I prove in my other blog, The Ugly House.

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