August 12, 2006

Clouds above the bluff

clouds above the bluff; click for previous post
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Where: Del Mar, Calif.

When: March 10, 2006

Camera: Canon PowerShot A620

Notes: These houses are on High Bluff Drive, but I shot them from a parking lot along Via de la Valle, more than a mile away. The zoom on my camera goes out only to the equivalent of 140mm, so I'm lucky the clouds provided a bit of drama. Photoshop geekery: This is a single exposure, but I treated the clouds differently than I did the houses, which would have turned into unrecognizable dark-gray polygons otherwise.

Like many of the photos on The Occasional Odd Crop, this picture sprang out of an assignment I gave myself. I'd seen these houses from Interstate 5 during my daily commute, and I went out on a day off specifically to shoot them. It's probably the journalist in me, but having an assignment frequently helps me focus.

A new project: Dani and I are getting ready to move into our new house in San Diego. It's not all that attractive, which I prove in my new blog, The Ugly House. It is, however, looking better.

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Images and text ©2005-2012 Mark A. Dodge Medlin

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