July 13, 2006


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Where: Home

When: Late March 2006

Camera: Canon PowerShot A620

Notes: Cezanne is a poodle mix that Dani and I adopted shortly after Rave died. In this photo, she's about 9 weeks old.

We were torn about what to name the little mutt. Paul Cézanne (he used the accent mark, but we don't, mostly because it's easier) is one of our favorite painters, but we also thought Seven would be fun. The decision got a lot easier when the seller said, "Oh, Seven, like Seven-Eleven." Um, yeah, maybe not. OK, Cezanne, into the car you go.

Update May 31, 2007: Welcome, Photo Friday viewers! This is my entry in the "How I See Myself" challenge. You might notice that this is not a self-portrait, but then, neither is any other photo I've posted online. If you'll look closely, though, you'll see me reflected in Cezanne's left eye. At that moment, that was how I saw myself.

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